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Consentful tech for micro-communities

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2.1 Getting Started

At Togethernet, we encourage participants to take all the time they need to learn about the implications of using given tool. Therefore, we would like to invite you to go through the Code of Consent as well as the Software Orientation before applying Togethernet in real life scenarios.

2.2 Code of Consent

The Togethernet Code of Consent v0.1 is a specification that outlines the level of consent and protection that participants have while using the software.

Estimated Duration: 15~30 minutes

Ready to Proceed

2.3 Software Orientation

If you feel that you understand and agree to the Code of Consent, we invite you to continue onwards to the Software Orientation.

Estimated Duration: 20~40 minutes

Ready to Proceed

2.4 Download

If you have gone through Code of Consent and the Software Orientation, and you're excited to begin using Togethernet. We'd like to invite you to visit our Github page to download Togethernet.

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